Pitch or Ditch Music Reviews is the only Music Review Show of its kind on the internet today. First and foremost we have over 60 years of  experience as professionals in the music industry.  The majority of those have been working at the level you actually are trying to reach.  With this being said, our goal is to help you reach that level.

Pitch or Ditch Music Reviews

Monday - Friday 8pm et

Bob and Dee in the afternoon

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

12noon - 1pm et

Is your song hot enough to be PITCHED to the industry or should it be DITCHED and you start over?

Looking for a 3rd option?  Why not get some Industry Level Advice and let us help you work out the kinks.

Your song, and review, will be heard by thousand of people, including major and indie label A&R’s, Investors, Concert Promoters, DJ’s, Managers Etc. Over the past 2 seasons we have had close to 2 dozen artist offered personal contracts and/or investor relationships from Pitch or Ditch Music Reviews

We play your full song, uninterrupted, and you will get a full review. This review will include performance, mixing, mastering, production and other techniques to get your song radio ready.

You get a guaranteed review ahead of our standard reviews and our nightly featured indie artist play-list

We play a section of your music and the room gets to vote whether the song should be 

1. Pitch It - We give you some basic ideas to help get you moving in the right direction.

2. Ditch It - NEXT!

3. Fix It - Basic Production corrections to resolve some common mistakes made by amateur and novice artist.

Every 60 days we take the Diamond Review Artist, with the most “PITCH POINTS”, and send their EPK to all of our industry contacts.  Yes! This is a Pitch you guys came here for. The points are not based on a particular song but rather on you as an overall artist. You can get our advice and resubmit the same song or keep tossing in product until you pull off a win.  Don’t worry, Bob can’t even remember his favorite chihuahuas name (Jack) so he will have no clue you are submitting the same song.

Are you looking for extra points? Wait for it……wait for it…..wait for it…..Razzamatazz!





Are you looking to get featured here? These songs come from our HIT-LIST members as well as the TOP Diamond Review Submissions.  Not only are you featured on the website (with over 800 unique visitors per day) but you are also listed in our newsletter as well . Our Newsletter has over 5000 subscribers. Currently 48% are industry professionals. Songs must be submitted to the show in a WAVE or MP3 format to be considered.

To The Edge

Nick Flannagan

Island Home



Zack Spade



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All money generated from Pitch or Ditch Music Reviews on-line presence goes to our free music school. The school was established in 2015 as a way to take young adults out of our judicial system and help teach them recording, mixing, mastering and music production in a modern environment.

Due to Covid-19 all of our classes have now moved to an online format.  However, we are still capable of providing some equipment, and services, to the students while they participate in our 5 week program.  This includes, but is not limited to, the internet connection, software, computer/iPad, interface and even food and clothing when they are needed.

Our sponsors have helped us to provide many of the items we need with some even offering financial support.  However, the majority of the support comes from the visitors and participants that come to our show each episode.  We value ideas, donations and recommendations from all of those that understand and appreciate what we are doing.  It isn’t easy but everyone deserves a chance which is how we became involved in the industry 35+ years ago.

Students are selected based on several factors.  They must be part of a First-Offender program.  This means they have come before a juvenile court due to a first offense. It must be non violent and cannot involve any adult or repeat offender that has been incarcerated. The age of the young adult will be between 14 to 17 and have at least 1 parent or legal guardian residing in the family household. They must pass an initial interview before they can be accepted into the program.

If you know a young adult that would like to be part of the program please contact Bob at 404.783.9103

They must be between the ages of 14-17. The crime they could be charged with must be a misdemeanor that does not involve an adult and this much be their first offense. A parent or legal guardian must be present in the home and a computer or Apple iPad will be used for the on-line classes.  These items can be furnished along with the internet connection if required for households that qualify.